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Huat Lai Resources Berhad is one of the leading producers of commercial table eggs and poultry products in Malaysia and the region. We’re constantly innovating our products and services to meet global demands better.


We’re proud to say that we’re helping people eat well

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than ensuring that today’s generation of consumers can enjoy a wider variety of protein-centric choices from nutritious eggs to wholesome, better-tasting chicken.

Today, Huat Lai excels in integrated poultry solutions, optimizing efficiency and streamlining operations from our farm to your culinary space. We aim to meet diverse industry needs comprehensively and nourish the nation with the healthiest protein source.

Business Portfolio


Healthier Livelier Chickens

From coop to cutting edge, our broilers are second to none. These healthy, lively chickens soar high thanks to advanced technologies that maximise their genetic potential.

Do you know why?
Our Grandparent Stock is from Ross, Aviagen, a world-renowned source for outstanding broiler breeds developed to maximise breeder performance without compromising on quality. The Parent Stock derived from this superior lineage produces the broiler chicks for our production.

Who hatches best?
Huat Lai’s hatcheries use one of the world’s finest incubators and hatchery equipment. Our incubators with built-in intelligence software create an optimal environment to optimise hatchability, chick quality and post hatch performance. Its operation optimised biosecurity to create a better controlled incubation environment to produce high-performance broiler chicks.

Further, our subsidiaries solely focused on producing fertile eggs that develop into top-quality broiler chicks enable us to achieve consistent broiler production. With superior flock management system, specific feed ingredients and environmentally controlled farms, we ensure highly efficient breeding lines for our company and customers too.

What sets us apart in poultry farming?
Discover the future of poultry farming at our state-of-the-art broiler facilities. Utilizing cuttingedge technology and closed houses, we provide optimal conditions for the welfare and growth of our broilers. Our commitment to innovation ensures that our birds thrive in environments exceeding industry standards, promoting their health and well-being. With meticulously controlled conditions and advanced monitoring systems, we prioritize the comfort and growth of our broilers, resulting in superior-quality poultry products that meet the highest standards. Experience the next level of broiler farming excellence with us.

Layers & Eggs

Hearty & Local

Hearty meals begin with wholesome eggs from our hens. Nestled within our meticulously maintained surroundings, our modern environmental controlled layer houses are essential in ensuring the productivity of our feathered flock. Our birds enjoy the luxury of automated trolley feeders, nipple drinkers, and state-of-the-art egg collection and counting systems, providing them with utmost comfort and care.

The freshness of our eggs is what truly sets us apart. Laid freshly at our farm, our eggs are swiftly delivered to our customers within 24 hours, guaranteeing unparalleled freshness and quality. It’s no secret that our layer chicks originate from a 100% pure breed lineage sourced from Lohmann Breeders Germany, contributing to the exceptional quality of our eggs.

Today, these premium eggs are sought after in local and global markets, including Singapore and Hong Kong, where discerning consumers appreciate the superior quality and flavor straight from our farm to their table.

Poultry Processing

Halal Certified & Latest Technology

Processing poultry is a specialised skill, one that we have mastered.

Our company has a subsidiary-owned slaughterhouse where all broilers are humanely processed via Halal-certified procedures by skilled professionals. The wholesomeness of freshly processed chickens is maintained where temperature and hygiene are controlled to ensure optimum quality. As one of the largest Halal slaughterhouses in Malaysia, our state-of-the-art facility has the capacity of processing 25,000 broilers every hour. We strictly adhere to stringent slaughtering protocol, which includes shacking, antemortem, stunning, slaughter, scalding, de-feathering, feet cutting, evisceration, cutting, deboning and blast freeze.

Our processing plant excels in precision cutting, offering a variety of meat cuts, sizes, and consistent weights for chicken products. This ensures you can savor chicken wings, drumsticks, breasts, and whole birds according to your preferences. Further processing of chicken meat into frankfurters, fillets, boneless breasts, nuggets and meatballs provides a source of protein in all your favourite forms. Your sole focus is on savoring the wholesome and succulent chicken meat that’s fresh and nutritious.

With our in-house cold chain logistics system, our products seamlessly make their way to diverse distribution channels, all while preserving their freshness.

Where Can You Find Us?
Our products are marketed under “Valley Fresh”, a top brand found in all major hypermarkets, supermarkets, mini markets and wholesalers. We also distribute to food processing plants, global fast food chains, restaurants and cafes. Our frozen chicken products are available in Singapore and Brunei.

Feed Mills

Highly Specialised & Life-Enhancing

Our feed mills are at the heart of our commitment to providing the nutritious foods to our chickens. With a constantly growing poultry population, we’ve invested in five highly specialised feed mills dedicated to producing mesh and pelleted feed. Our dedication to quality doesn’t stop there. We understand that the key to producing top-quality feed lies in sourcing the finest raw materials. That’s why we’re committed to meticulously sourcing raw materials such as corn, soybean meal, and other essential ingredients. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that only the highest quality ingredients are selected for our feed production. We maintain close relationships with trusted suppliers who share our commitment to excellence and adhere to strict quality control measures.

Once sourced, these premium raw materials are carefully processed in our feed mills. Here, our certified animal nutritionists meticulously tailor and formulate each batch of feed to meet the specific nutritional needs of our flock at different growth stages. Our unwavering commitment to quality guides every step of our process. Through careful sourcing and the expertise of our nutritionists, we guarantee that our feed delivers optimized nutrients, resulting in healthier, thriving chickens.

How do we keep our feed safe?
It is treated at high temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius to destroy Salmonella and other harmful bacteria. Regular laboratory tests are conducted to uphold the quality standards of our feed, ensuring compliance with specifications and maintaining uncompromised quality.

Other Honest & Lucrative Businesses


Where chicken manure is transformed into a fully organic fertiliser that creates nutrient-rich soil for enhanced crop yields. Ultimately, we are committed to environmental responsibility and sustainable waste management to ensure a healthier planet.

Egg Trays

Using sustainable pulp packaging for secure egg packing and stacking, consequently reduces our use of natural resources and improves sustainability practices. Environmentally conscious shoppers embrace our eco-friendly packaging, which not only aligns with their values but also differentiates our products in the market.

Palm Oil Plantations

Diversify our business and exemplify sustainable agriculture. Huat Lai prioritises economic growth and community welfare by using cutting-edge practices to produce top quality palm oil, while preserving Malaysia’s biodiversity.