What Makes Us Unique?

What sets us apart?

Our unique strengths lie in our specialized expertise and extensive product range, encompassing poultry farming, broiler production, egg supply and sales, poultry feed, and paper egg tray manufacturing. All our meat and poultry products are sourced from livestock raised according to stringent standards of animal welfare and accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture under Malaysia Agriculture Animal Practices.

Integrated Poultry Business Value Chain

Ensure reliable poultry production, transport, processing and packaging for the
final consumer

Increased Production Capacity

To meet the nation’s and global demand for high-quality protein

Effective Animal Disease Prevention & Control

To improve animal health and welfare

Nurturing Employees as Assets

With improved workplace safety and innovation to enable them to manage resources efficiently and focus on producing high-quality work

Our Wholesome, Trusted Brand

Producing excellent sources of protein and the best food options for families